APS the specialist in cabling for your network infrastructure

If your company needs an update of the existing network infrastructure or if you need a reliable partner for your new construction project, then you can safely count on APS.

Together with you, we look at the situation and map out your requirements. We offer you a suitable solution with an eye on quality and performance with a view to the future. 

APS Glass fibre cabling

Fibre optic cabling

Fibre optics is the alternative of choice when a data link has to be installed over a distance of more than 90 metres. 

The high bandwidth, high reliability and the possibility of bridging larger distances mean that fibre optics are gaining in popularity.

APS Copper cabling

Copper cabling

Both for an update of the existing network infrastructure and for a new construction project, APS provides the structured cabling.

There are also various categories of copper cabling:

Air Blown Fiber

The Air Blown Fiber system was developed to be able to switch between glass fibre types as they evolve through time. 

ABF offers reduced costs, increased flexibility of network design and other benefits that cannot be matched by the installation of conventional optical fibre cables.

APS Testing and Certification

Testing and certification

Testing is the most important step in the construction of a reliable network. We guarantee that the cabling installed complies with the applicable standards and that the required speeds will be achieved. Every user of the network is thus assured of the plug-and-play principle.

Correct measuring and testing requires the necessary expertise and experience. Our employees are regularly trained so that their knowledge is refreshed and up-to-date. 

Correct measuring is only possible with the right equipment. APS invests heavily in the renewal of its measuring equipment every year.

Approach of APS


The APS network consultants listen to your specific needs in terms of network structure. Current and future needs are taken into account.

Our consultants provide various solutions.


On the basis of the analysis, a site plan is worked out that gives a correct view of the location, the necessary work and the correct positioning of distribution and concentration points.

APS offers solutions for both simple installations, where all workstation connections are brought together in a central point, and complex LAN networks, where proven WAN technologies or digital infrastructures provide the connections.


After approval, the design is further elaborated and passed on to the project leader. The project leader is appointed by APS for the full duration of the project. He checks the correct execution of the work on site.

A team of experienced technicians installs the cabling system in the building. They are familiar with the most recent techniques for a correct finish.

Testing & certification

After installation, an APS technician puts the entire infrastructure into operation. He installs the active components to start up the network. Traffic is monitored and user applications tested.

The customer receives a complete status report with end-to-end testing of all connections. Certification for 15 to 20 years is possible.

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